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Sunil Kasare on 23 July 2018
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Wrong billing by Idea cellular co of Birla

I am using postpaid mob service of Idea cellular co mob no 8511 from last 3 years in corporate plan using only for calls not using internet services as I have instruct them to not allow that services on my mobile so my average bill was 115 to 150. But recently on 15/7/18 I have only asking them to change the my sim to micro sim ony and all the terms same as old card but after that before my due date 22/7/18 they call me and asking for huge amount of Rs=750/- and unbilled amount Rs=545/- so within the month they charge me Rs=1395/- the explanation given that the internet services is on and we charge for the same but I had not ask you to start the services then why you start the same and charge me this huge amount when almost cellular co. charge only 200 for all the services I have complaint to customer care of Idea on there no 198 but still have no reply please look in to the same and save my hard working money from steal by these fraudulent way by this cellular company.

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and delay in responding to your concern. We would like to inform you that your concern has been raised under ref. no. C1-115704114020 - which is expected to be closed by 14/08/18. Your patience & cooperation while we work on this is much appreciated.



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