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Dhananjay Patel on 23 July 2018
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Want refund my money

I bought membership from country vacation at Anand office and at that time The Manger was Tanvir and he told me that Anand is permanent office but now office was closed and the Manager who left the jobs. No one here to give answers. Another I bought the membership becuse they told me they have own properties at Dubai Singapore Thailand malysia Bangkok Bali so I don’t have to pay any extra charges but when I called to book rooms they asked me to pay $140 for Singapore they said they have own properties and it’s without cost if I pay 3 years Amc so I can get two years discount also they told me to gift my membership to friends and Family member but when I asked to book more then 3 rooms so they told me I can not do that they only book rooms for one country not another..now they keep calling me for Amc charges and every time I told them to cancel my membership and return my money back by cheque..

They did not full fill their any commitments and they want us to do as per their policies. I don’t want to continue with country vacation so I want my money back and if they want to they can open permanent office at Anand so I can go there and talk to them..

They are not replying me and now they said they can not refund..

I want my money back

Gehlawat RajeshAdvocate

Please call me on 9818164696 for remedy options available for you.

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