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Amit Dave on 13 July 2018
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Cheated By Dealer of Amazon

Hi Team

Ordered a Xiaomi Redmi 5A from India's #ApniDukan #amazonindia and they couriered a box filled with Stone instead of Mobile.

Also when I checked Invoice there is no IMEI details.

And when I registered complain they are denying the fact & arguing like they have deliver mobile only. As per their Investigation officers there was no fault from their end however no Investigation officer visited my house. It's a clear case of Fraud n Amazon has to sort this out n instead of that they are running away from fact n ask their customers to suffer. My question is for Amazon India "Is this the service you are providing to your customers?". " Don't you have value for customer's faith towards you?" " Does their trust or money matters to you?"

Dealer Name : #DarshitaAashiyanaPrivateLimited

Order No. - 0752


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