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Garikaparthi Sashikanth on 16 April 2018
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Incompetent Service and Fradulent Commitments

My Airtel DigitalTV ID - 928.

Complaint No: 1). Last year have paid Rs.4800/- Infinity plan and where it is activated in April'17 along with Regional Languages and in May'17 it was disconnected and only Re-activated in end of Dec'17 and refund of money is been made.

Complaint No: 2) In the month of Mar'18 it is been communicated to avail 1 Year Infinity package I need to add Rs. 58/- to my existing account a sum of Rs.4100/-. against which I promptly paid immediate by transferring the money and to my surprise after 3 days Airtel sends a message the services would end with a validity of 25th May'18.

When I called the customer service and chasing to get the feedback after several calls to my surprise they say casually there is no balance money in my account and what their agent informed is wrong commitment and they cannot do anything.

To my written email complaints "Airtel escalation desk team" took several days time and wasted my time with no resolution nor the same with some "Customer Experience Team" and on writing to "Nodal Team" to my surprise even they also turned to be silent on above issues and smartly say just a "Sorry It's a mistake" at their end and cannot do anything

I would urge to highlight Airtel DTH fraudulent activities of cheating customers to pay for short of services and to continue to have customers by giving wrong commitments. My experience is very dis-satisfied and I would be going for disconnection of services in lieu of cheating very poor service experience and wrong commitments.

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