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Manish Thakur on 10 November 2011
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Gprs is not activated in T24 mobile

Dear team, I have activated the gprs in my mobile 0347 through t24 internet plan in vikhroli retail shop(ID 525) as per their site as per below plan. 48/- 100 mb 2 gb 30 50 paise / Mb but after refilling through mobile,internet service is not activated yet,instead they transfer the 41 balance in my account. It is showing completely fraud by t24 company. I request you to help on this matter that they covert it to internet activation, when I called up t24 call center,they told me that there is no rs 48 plan hence it comes in to my balance but I do not want it to my balance.Either this service should have not been activated or proper plan information should be given in site. So my request from company that they convert it to gprs activate in my mobile no. Regards, manish 0347


I'M also facing same problem as manish.

Really t24 is cheating. Even it is not possible to recharge online.


Same problem with me. No gprs actvation from t24 calling to customer service always get one answer their server updation is in progress so can not give any detail. T24 is really cheating the customers with false gprs service/ Offer by them.