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Viraj Kanwade on 09 November 2011
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MSEB disconnection for last bill pending when the due date for current bill is still 5 days ahead

I pay the mseb bill online. Last month, everytime I tried, their site DID not work. When finally it worked, there was a note saying that if it is past due date, pay it in next bill. I received this month's bill with due date of 14th nov. Yesterday 9th nov, I made the payment online. But, when I reached home at 8pm, I found that the meter connection was removed. I called up toll free number, who had no idea as to why my connection was removed. They told me contact aundh office. I went to aundh office, they told me to contact baner office. After searching for the "well hidden" baner office, I asked them why was it disconnected. They said you have not paid last bill. I showed them the payment receipt of current bill. Then they started saying that area is not under us, it might be under sus road area. What the hell. I was pissed off by now. I started shouting I don't care under which area it comes, I want it connected. The guy there said we will connect it. But no use arguing with us. The officer will come tomorrow around 10:30 - 11. Ask him. I don't understand, how could mseb cut the meter without any notice? also, why was it cut before the due date of the next months bill? I have submitted around 8-10 complaints for verification of meter, and nobody showed up in 3 years. And, I cannot pay one bill due to their site not working, and suddenly mseb becomes active and starts disconnecting meters! another connection in our building was also cut, when the owner there has ecs! puri manmani chal rahi hai!

J Dias

Same problem faced by me as well. Mseb need to update their system to accept online bills even after the due date and if they are unable to do that due to any technical or internal process issues they should at least wait till the due date of next billing cycle for disconnection.

J. Dias - vasai thane.

Sanjay Bhandare


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