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Anindya Ghose on 13 February 2018
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Fastrack 38005PP03J Sports Watch - For Men Strap Damaged

My wife bought me wrist watch for 97/- on 17/11/2017 from Unique Electronics 1 Souren Roy Road Kolkata-700034 as a gift.


As I was outstationed I received it from my wife on 017. After wearing it for only 2 hours it fell from my wrist. On examining found its strap torn apart.

When it was taken to the seller he told that warranty is not covered for strap but after several discussions he informed that it has to taken to Fastrack services for replacement. He also informed that he will inform us after it is done. When we went take back the watch he told we have to pay 35/- for the new strap which was replaced by fastrack.

So we denied the same and refused to pay. Now we only have the dial with a damaged strap which was further damaged/ torn at different places by service representatives while replacing. On further investigation observed watch was manufactured 2014 that is more than 3 years it was laying in the shop and no one was there to buy because of which the strap might have disintegrated lying in the shop for such a long time. But as a result I as buyer had to pay the price of that.I am totally dejected with the services of fastrack. Now the watch is of no use without the strap.

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