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Prabhu on 08 February 2018
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False promise given by ICICI personnel regarding the ROI for car loan

I was given false promise that the ROI for my car loan (used) would be 8.5%. But when i got the customer copy I was shocked to find the ROI as 14.5%. Now I'm willing to cancel the loan and trying to find the answers for the following questions. But nobody in ICICI cares to answer my questions

1. While signing the loan application form I clearly asked what is the rate of interest and whether it is fixed or diminishing. You answered it as 8.5% and diminishing. Why you gave me false promise?

2. You know the loan is for used car why you didn’t mention that rate of interest while I was signing the application form?

3. Why the interest rate was not filled in the form in my presence?

4. I clearly told I have account in both ICICI and Axis why you asked for Axis bank cheque?

5. Why the cheque was not filled in my presence?

6. Why the copy of cheque was not sent to me as discussed while I signed the application?

7. I received a call from an anonymous person mentioning the emi as 13 900 and I clearly told him the emi seems to be bloated and I expressed my doubt. But I was told to check in the customer copy.

8. I was told this loan would be linked to my ICICI account and you said you would pull my ICICI account details from CIBIL?

9. Why the cheque I gave was deposited last week for the amount of 7935 towards ICICIBANKLTDRAOG?

10. When I have an ICICI account and when I’m ready to provide a proof why you guys needlessly asked for another bank account proof?

Icici Bank

Dear Prabhu

We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to email us your concern with your contact details on care@icicibank.com. Please mention the UID (a4rqkp) in the subject line of your email. Our official will assist you.


ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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