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Bhupendra Malviya on 05 February 2018
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Idea Cellular — lok nayalaya notice for disconnected idea broadband service bill

I have raised a request for disconnection of my broad band services in May16 through customer service agent and that was gracefully accepted as well I received a service request message as well and was guided by representative to take of the LAN cable and do not connect to router or else you will be charged. The complaint was raised more then 35 days from the disconnected date but still I continued to get the bills. I replied couple of time to the customer service regarding the disconnection of my service and do not send me further reminders to pay bills and I havn't used and data from then and kept the router and modem out from socket.

Then after few months idea guy came to collect the equipments then few months after that I got the idea email saying 'LOK ADALAT NOTICE ! IDEA BROADBAND' to pay outstanding amount and appear on 10th Feb 018.

I would request you to resolve my issue as I already have disconnected the service giving sufficient notice as asked by the customer service representative and have already cleared my last bill post that bills should have not generated. Now this email for lok nayalaya 'Case No.:- LOK-B/FEB18/6005' is a type of harassment.

I am already an idea customer for more then 7 years and would like to continue my mobile services. Also may need broadband service in future so kindly correct your system and let me know when this issue can be resolved and I will get acknowledgement for same.

My Details:

Consumer no: 0782

Address 303 TANISH HOME- E Pune - 1015 Maharastra India

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

We regret for the inconvenience caused. We request you to contact us on 18008331111/18002700000 or else you can mark an e-mail on broadbandcc@idea.adityabirla.com for broadband related queries & complaint. Also we've taken note of your feedback for further improvement of our services.



Bhupendra Malviya

Hi Lavina

Thanks for your response. But this could not solve my problem as its very generic response. I already contacted the person mentiined on the email I received and she denied any of my concern and ask me to pay the pending amount which should not be there at all. Since I am away and cannot apear the court I paid the money while she was online. If you realy want to help me then please help in refund the amount I paid and also send me the acknowledgement email for withdrawal of complain.

Thanks Bhupendra

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

Sorry for the trouble caused. We're unable to fetch any details for the given account number. Hence we request you to contact on 18008331111/ 18002700000 or else you can mark an e-mail on broadbandcc@idea.adityabirla.com for broadband service queries & complaints.



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