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Biswajit Das on 30 January 2018
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Tikona harrasement calls


This is with respect to my Tikona Broadband connection ID no 7466 (Account no. 058) which was disconnected way back in 015.

I have clearly written multiple mails highlighting how terrible the connection and their service is due which I opted a cancellation ever since February 015. Post which they started giving me various reasons either by not acknowledging this disconnection request and responding over emails.

In March 2015 we got a call from Karan (stated he is an advocate from Delhi court representing Tikona) and threatened us for clearing the dues. We asked him details as to why we should pay but then he clarified saying pending dues and disconnection yet not being considered. We by now had it all so thought we will clear this and get an NOC for which he agreed too and he also said device will be retrieved and no further calls and transactions will be on from Tikona with us. We made the payment (Transaction ID : 1110907466TPC2403151203839).

We also noticed the technician had come over and cut all connections when we were not home which again we wrote to Tikona but with no response.

Now after 3 years we again started getting calls from Delhi court (sounds more like a Faux) where we are told 1500 due. Though we did a bill due of 1500 on 13th June 2017 saying F&F we denied paying that as the explanation given to us was its device charges but the fact is we paid for the device while installation and all the connection were cut once we paid 95/- in March 015.

We are really harassed by these calls now. My wife also had a call with Tikona customer care and documented the conversation where the call centre lady Mrinali confirmed that no dues and that 1500 will be waived off when she saw i re-forwarded all our old mails. She also confirmed that no further calls from legal will i receive.

I also have recorded our conversation with Mrinali.

In any case I would like this to be registered here as I dont TRUST Tikona services any further and also read about how many customers have fallen prey to their act.

Thank you for your support.

Biswajit Das

Tikona Care

Dear Subscriber

Greetings from Tikona.

We have checked and found that your account has been terminated as per your request.

Post devices recovered from your premises full and final settlement amount will be concluded.


Tikona Care.

Tikona Care

Dear Subscriber

Greetings from Tikona

We have checked and found your account has been terminated as per you request.

As Full & Final Settlement has been concluded no dues are pending for your account.

For any further issues/queries you can contact us on 1-860-3000-3434 or you can reach us at forum.tikona.in


Tikona Care.

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