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Sanjeev Kumar on 25 January 2018
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Very bad services and no any compensation by Yatra.com

Dear Sir This is to inform you that I Sanjeev Kumar Indian citizen had booked our combined confirmed return international air e-tickets by Yatra on 22nd Sept. 2017 vide Yatra reference no.YT24605179. Our onward journey was on 17th Dec. 2017 from New Delhi to San Juan Argentina and return journey was 4th Jan. 2018 from San Juan Argentina to New Delhi. We were three persons traveling under the same PNR nos. CYFQKN and OWYVIX. My wife Carina Alejandra Bravo who is Argentinean nation and my 15 years old son Nadish Bansal who is an Indian were traveling with me. We had completed our trip and reached at New Delhi on 12th Jan. 018.

During our onward and return journey we had suffered a lot with physical mental emotional and financial problems. When we reached to Jorge Newbery Buenos Aires airport to take our flight AR-1430 at 06:10 hrs. there was no any flight due to cancellation of all flights as per airlines indefinite strike. We were waiting for the next flight AR-2436 at 19:05 hrs. but Aerolineas Argentinas airlines did not allow to board. We requested them so much but they did not listen anything. Neither they provide any another flight in next days nor refund any amount. They told us that Yatra will give us refund. Finally we booked bus tickets for our further travel from Buenos Aires to San Juan Argentina on 19th Dec. 017. We already sent several emails to Yatra in this regards since 19th Dec. 017.

On dated 4th Jan. 2018 when we reached to San Juan airport to take our flight AR-1435 at 15:35 hrs. there was no any flight for Buenos Aires. Aerolineas Argentineas airlines told that our seats are in next flight AR-2437 at 21:45 hrs. which was reaching to Buenos Aires at 23:15 hrs. We requested them that how we can take our further flights from Buenos Aires to Delhi via Dubai at 21:30 hrs. on the same day. They did not help us and told that you have to go to Buenos Aires to talk with Emirates office at International airport Buenos Aires Argentina. We took this flight and went to international airport by bus. But there is only one office which was closed. We all waited at the airport 15 hrs. approx. without food and money. On 5th Jan 2018 at 16:00 hrs. Emirates official refused to help us and sent to Aerolineas Argentinas airlines office for further help.

Aerolineas Argentinas airlines re-issued our tickets for Delhi via Rio Janeiro and Paris on 6th Jan. 2018 with all the boarding passes. We told them that we two persons are Indian and could not travel to Paris without their visa. But they did not listen us and told that you can travel without any problem through Paris. We took our flight from Buenos Aires Argentina to Rio Janeiro and reached there. When was the time to take Air France flight to Paris Emirates persons stopped us and did not allow us to travel further due to no visa for Paris. They sent back us with our all luggage to Argentina on the same day by AR-1251 flight due to Aerolineas Argentinas airlines mistake in the booking. We requested them to send our luggage in our flight but they did not change our luggage tags and told us that we had changed it but the number will be the same. But we did not received our luggage at Buenos Aires as they did not sent back our luggage in our flight. We waited many hours in the airport to find out our luggage. Finally we wrote a complaint of our lost luggage. On that time we did not have any cloth to change. We went to Aerolineas Argentinas office at Jorge Newbery to request them to provide a hotel food and transport as we did not have money. On our request they sent us to a hotel after waiting four hours in the airport. On the next day we received our luggage in our hotel.

On 7th. Jan. 2018 we again went to Aerolineas Argentinas airlines office and request them to find and re-issue out tickets via Dubai. They made a new ticket via Sao Paulo and Dubai for 8th Jan. 018. In this connection the flight from Dubai to Delhi was Business class due to non availability in economic class as per they told us. This decision was taken by their boss as per the customer executive. On our request they sent us again to a hotel.

On 8th Jan. 2018 we took our to Sao Paulo and reached there to take our next flight for Dubai.

On 9th Jan. at the time of boarding Emirates employees made my boarding pass and did not made the same for my wife and son. We were told that they could not made the entries in their system due to wrong booking by Aerolineas Argentinas airlines at Buenos Aires Argentina. After this we went to talk with their boss Ms. Liliana who immediately destroyed my boarding pass. She did not allowed us to take this flight. After that we contact with Aerolineas Argentinas office persons by phone because the offie was outside the airport and we could not go out without visa. Ms. Fernanda from their office told us that was a mistake by Emirates not by Aerolineas Argentinas airlines. Again we request them to provide a hotel and food. After some hours she came and met us. She went to a hotel in the airport with us and provide to stay there. We called to Aerolineas Argentinas airlines local office several times and requested them to provide us new tickets as soon as possible as we could not stay a long time in Sao Paulo without visa. But they did not listen us.

On 10th. Jan. 2018 we again called and requested them so many times to make new tickets soon via Dubai with less transit hours. Because my wife is working in a school and she did not have more leaves. My son is also loosing his classes and no more leaves. Myself was suffering with the same situation since long days. After several calls they inform us that our tickets are ready at Emirates boarding gate counter and collect them at 23:30 hrs. When we reached to Emirates counter they made our boarding passes and then we realized that we need to wait in Dubai airport for 23 hours and 45 mins. such a long transit without accommodation food and clothes to change.

On 11th Jan. 2018 we took our flight at 22:00 hrs. from Dubai to Delhi and arrived on 12th Jan. 2018 at 02:40 hrs.

As per the above mentioned our circumstances we suffered with a lot of mental physical emotional and financial stress during our entire journey. It is Yatra duty to inform us by email if there is any changes in the flight schedule and help to re arrange the whole trip. This is to inform you that no one from Yatra had inform us by email about the changes neither help us to solve the problem during our whole journey. We wrote several emails to Yatra.com but they have not given any compensation till today. Kindly give us refund and compensation in this regards without delay. Awaiting for your kind reply. Thanks and best regards Sanjeev Kumar Carina Alejandra Bravo Nadish Bansal Mob. 5672

Yatra Yatra

Hi Sanjeev

We regret for the inconvenience caused to you!

We have received your query & would respond to you at the earliest. Request your patience in the interim.

Best Regards

Yatra Care

Sanjeev Kumar

No any action or reply till today on 30th. Jan. 2018

Sanjeev Kumar

Waiting for your quick action.

Yatra Yatra

Dear Sanjeev

Thank you for your patience!

Would like to inform you that as we have checked our team was in contact with you regarding your query and they have promised you to give the compensation of INR 15000.00 as a goodwill gesture. Would request you to kindly share your consent so that we can proceed further.


Yatra Care

Sanjeev Kumar

Sorry we could not accept your offer as mentioned above. We will go through legal for the justice and correct compensation and refund.

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