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Mohit Bhardwaj on 10 November 2017
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hdfc life sumassured not recived

ear sir

with due respect i would like to state that my father (satyavan Bhardwaj) had purchased a life insurance from your esteemed organization on 9961 the policy no is as mentioned.

the policy premium was of 0000 and we made the policy premium payement on due date 18 may on 22nd may my father expirienced sevear pain in heart and on diagnosis at rml hospital it was diagonised as a major heart attack but after operation and stud fixing he got recoverd and was released from hospital.in 30 th of may he again felt the same problems and that time angioplasty was done and released from hospital well on 13th june a routine checup was done and all was found satisfactory all reports i am attaching below and earlier also

i have submitted the same.

on 14th june around 6pm again he felt chest pain and while driving him to esi hospital but before we reach there he got expired. on 15th the final rituals were performed and cremation was done.

after that we applied for the death claim of ur policy and after few days one investigation officer from ur organisation  visited us and investigated with our neighbours and found that my father met with and accident and he wants to see the  reports.but that was a minor accident and his leg got fractured so didnot thought to keep the pepers .

but he asked us the same papers again and again.then after searching a lot i found few papers of handa hospital bone specialist which i submitted to him.

then he asked us the hospital papers and we submitted the same then he told us that i want to tell u something frankly that if you want i can help u out with your settlement as u have messed with a private policy (aapne private agency se panga liya hai)

if u can give me 10 000 rupees so  i will help u with your policy settlement that to within 20 date as our company closing date is 20th. you can pay me when you will receive the money but i straightforward declined him he even gave his contact no to me.

his name is mahesh and his contact no is 8499

after somedays i received a msg that kindly submit your documents near ur hdfc life office.so again i sent the documents.

but few days back on 08OCT i received a msg stating that 1.16 rs has been transfered in my mother's account. i am unable to understand how and why it happend when i have submitted all medical reports i was expecting the total sum assured 2 10 000. with other policies

 i have received the LIC  total sum assured within 30 days satelement time is 6 month then why not with yours.   Why people again purchase your hdfc life policy…..


Please help me out of this


HdfcLife Insurance

Hi kindly share your policy no. for us to have a check into the details. Incase you do not wish to share the details here you may also write to us at service@hdfclife.com and confirm the interaction Id.

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