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Manoj Punamiya on 02 November 2017
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NPS not done since last 8 months

---- Forwarded message ----


Date: 2 Nov 2017 3:27 p.m.

Subject: Reg NPS




The Manager/Ruby/Sachin

This is to inform you that I Manoj K PUNAMIYA had applied for NPS in the month of March 17 & 00/- was debited from my saving A/C 4858

It was been told by your employee Sachin that on acknowledge receipt given by them I will get the tax benefit

Accordingly I showed the Same to my Accounts dept for deduction

After a months period I got the papers back from the NPS dept

We showed the same to your employee on which they told that you Will get the card soon

Even after contionous follow up we didnt get the card than they took the Xerox copy of the same & said they will do the follow up at their end

On 12th Oct I got an sms from Sachin saying that Sir we have done the NPS processing you Will get the benefit now onwards .

Than after few days Ruby called me & said that your NPS is not done for what reason I don't know we are doing the follow up

Last week I was been told that by Friday the matter will be resolved & they will inform me but they never turned up .

Than again I called her up on Monday & told her that I do not want the NPS to which she said your amt will be credited within 2 days with interest .

After 2 days when my wife went to the bank she told to give a letter in writing that you don't want to reapply

I don't understand when she wanted the letter she would have told me over phone so that my wife would have given the letter to her

Finally I want an apology letter from you regarding the harassment I have to bear for the last 6 months .already I have to bear the loss of 0000 rupees which I would have got deduction thru NPS in return file

I would like to tell you that I don't want to reapply for NPS again as you don't have qualified staff for same

Confirm me when you Will credit my 0000 along with the interest in my saving account & this time pls no excuses deliver only results

Awaiting for your reply

Manoj Punamiya

Nsdl Egov

Dear Manoj

This has reference to the query/complaint raised by you. You are requested to register your query/complaint to the link- https://npscra.nsdl.co.in/log-your-grievance.php mentioning your Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) or write a letter to CRA and send it to the following address: NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd. 1st Floor Times Tower Kamala Mills Compound Lower Parel Mumbai 400013 We thank you for being our valuable subscriber and giving us an opportunity to serve you better.

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