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Dhananjay Sinha on 12 October 2017
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Claim not settlement

Dear Sir/Madam

With reference to cited above captioned subject I Prabhat kumar Bank of Baroda employee and my employee number is 2821 and policy number is 5001002816P110116118 United india insurance co. ltd corporate ti up (DHS ID IS – SE132413010). I write to inform DHS(Mediclaim TPA) that through via mail my wife whose name Chanchala kumari had admitted in Bokaro General Hospital(Govt. Hospital Bokaro steel city) Bokaro on 25th December 2016 for delivery from doctor advice and her delivery was successful from operation LSCS and issued one baby on 29th December 016. Bokaro General Hospital was discharge of patient and baby On 31th December 2016.After then I have sent claim to DHS office through proper channel i.e.my main Bank of Baroda office varodara along with all necessary original documents provide by Bokaro general Hospital and my claim was received in DHS office on 10-02-2017 as per sent intimation my mail id from DHS and claim no was DHS17Z038549. After then third time deficiency raised on April 2017 from DHS for Baby original discharge card and baby treatment done require while I checked DHS site .But I want to say that Bokaro General Hospital (GOVT. HOSPITAL ) is not provide baby original discharge card.Hospital is issue Baby birth certificate Which I have already submitted .further I gone Bokaro general hospital and meet from hospital Staff and staff asked me separate discharge card can not issue by hospital. The original documents i had received from Bokaro General Hospital I already sent you all .now I received some more documents (duplicate copy) from hospital which is sent. Hospital has kept original documents him self from his own record. He is not provide that documents to patients or attendant. I request you if you have any doubt you can communicate from Bokaro General Hospital.There fore I am unable to you provide Baby original discharge card and treatment done of baby .Henceforth I humbly request you kindly consider my claim and release my claim money asap.

Your co operation need to me I will highly oblige for this context.

My Details are given below:

Name - Prabhat kumar

Patient name - Chanchala kumari

Name of Health insurance co. - united india insurance co. ltd

Name of mediclaim TPA - DHS

DHS Id - SE132413010

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