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Pramod Prabhakar Patil on 07 October 2017
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careless services from airtel dth

Respected sir. M using Airtel Dth . Few days gone some I continued Dth monthly payment which is 600 rs. This time payment was successful but some scrambled signal coming while I want to c Tv. I complained about that to Airtel Dth customer care team. They still not give me satisfactory service. The technician called me but he is not responding me. The Airtel Dth technician told me that he come and solve the problems. But 3 days gone. The technician still not come at my home. M totally unsatisfied of that service. I give u sir that careless technician mob. No. 1) 0808 2) 0234

3) 255.

Respected sir all above three nos. Were called me and told me they r coming and solved the Dth problem. Everyone told me before 4 days that they are coming before 5 pm. But when I call back on that time they did not receive my calls.

M very frustrated sir. I don't feel that I lost 600 rs but I feel that Airtel Dth customer care team and their team r playing with me I think.

Respected sir please do a perfect action about this . M really very frustrated. Bcoz m doing job. And my duty start 7 am to 7 pm .

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