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Arati Jadhav on 06 October 2017
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encouraged to purchase a policy and false commitments for loan approval

Purchaser of Policy (Name) Aarti Ramchandra Jadhav

Policy Title : Reliance’s Guaranteed Money Back

Policy Application No. AB 0254

Client Id : 5131

On 20th to 23rd May 2017 Miss Rashmi from Reliance Insurance has called regarding my loan requirement and encouraged me to purchase a policy after that Mr. Sanjay (from HDB Finance Gurgaon) had called for loan offer against policy he promised me for the 25% cash back after my 1st premium towards the policy if I purchase the policy on 25th May 2017 itself.

As I was needed urgent loan for my house repairing & renovation This entire team has assured me for Rs. 5 Lakh loan approval against this policy ‘Reliance’s Guaranteed Money Back’ policy.

They send me email id ‘rajeev10987@gmail.com’ for confirmation of my payments for policy on which I send my Transaction details details on the same email (Transaction ID is 187)

After this it is since 25th May to 26th July this entire team constantly gave various reasons for delayed the loan process. (eg. Your payment transaction ID was misplaced for the process we need your Client ID with Policy Bond process delayed b’cse of GST on loan amount File manager is absent Entire staff is busy in the Meeting File manager is busy / in process to transfer the Loan amount in my account by evening.) Till the date I have not received any laon amount as per their promises. And they do not entertain my calls also.

I have their contacts nos. as follows… (also I have audio recordings clips of the conversation with theses persons regarding loan and policy purchased.)

Miss Rashmi from Reliance Insurance : Cell No. 8360 8020

(As per policy Details Agent / Broker is North India Finserve Pvt. Ltd. Code 767)

Mr. Sanjay File Manager (HDB Finance Gurgaon) + 91 4371

Mr. Deepak Sharma Account Dept. Head (HDB Finance Gurgaon) Mob. 6849

Mr. Arjun / Mr. Mohit Sharma / Miss Sunita (Account Dept. Assistants) (HDB Finance Gurgaon) Mob.9540509772

Mahesh Kumar

आरती जी मेरे साथ भी एक साल पहले बिलकुल ऐसा ही हो चुका है ये ही लोग थे| मैंने तो ब्याज पर पैसे लेकर पालिसी कराई थी आज तक उसी पैसे को चुका रहा हूँ|

Arati Jadhav

Mr. Mahesh aapne compalint ki kya uska kuch result mila kya?

Arati Jadhav

in logo ne policy dilwayi aur loan ho jayega karke sureity di thi mere ghar me damages jyada the tension ke wajah se maine bhi ye loan hoga karke iske agaisnt interest se paise lekar ghar ka kaam karwaya hai. ye log aise pareshan logo ko target karne mei mahir hai. Aakhri waqut tak sahntise appka loan hog aise vishwas dilate hai. Bahot savdhani rakhani chahiye

Thanks for your reply.

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