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Suraj Nadaf on 06 October 2017
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It is unfair to call from my calling List

As I had 5 connection I did not have time to go every time to Idea Store to pay my bill every month I requested for online payment but Idea dosen't have any ( I received this answer). Then my bills were getting due every month. after few days I used to get call from Call center from pune with discount. Once I received a call stating that to pay 00/- and get write off other payment. that time I requested that I will pay today itself but please stop all numbers. I dont want to continue with Idea anymore. that lady said every thing is fine you just pay that amount and take out sim. I did the same. but still for next 3 months I was getting bills and after 3 bills I started receiving calls from my friends & official seniors. I got a call from Priti Sharma who was talking to them very rudely. without introducing herself she was asking that how do they know me...and she was telling everyone that I have referred them while taking these numbers. I realized that someone has my last calling list & someone using it for their personal reason. when I called Priti Sharma. she said my phone was not reachable. and asked to stop this nonsense. she said this is the part of Verification. Don't know what she was verifying. I said what you want to know. then she said pay amount within 1 hour or we will start our verification. I was not able to pay immediate. again she started calling to the numbers available in my calling list. very next day I received call from My super boss. he created issue in my organisation and stopped my increment as I involved in unethical activity.

as soon I paid 0/-. she stopped calling to numbers. in the same evening I received a Demand Legal Notice from Idea Celluler stating please pay 48/- to avoid legal action. I want answers for following questions.

Why before notifying me they started defaming my name?

Who has given Idea Cellular to use my calling Numbers?

When due Amount was Rs 48/- Why did they take Rs 3550/-?

My career came into question mark who is responsible for it???

Provide me the grhahak Loknyalay Pune's Address where Priti Sharma Seats would like to talk to her in front.

I want those document where I signed with the reference as Priti Sharma Informed my officials Relatives & Friends...

your one lie ruined my life.

I hope someone can understand what I mean...

Idea Cellular

Hello Suraj

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.Please share Idea contact number to assist you better.You may write us at customercare@idea.adityabirla.com/social media for assistance. Please contact 198/12345 for services and complaints if any.



Suraj Nadaf

Currently I am not Idea user. Even in future I wont recommend Idea to anyone.

I have airtel number that is. 8600337505

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