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Suraj Nadaf on 06 October 2017
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It is unfair to call from my calling List

As I had 5 connection I did not have time to go every time to Idea Store to pay my bill every month I requested for online payment but Idea dosen't have any ( I received this answer). Then my bills were getting due every month. after few days I used to get call from Call center from pune with discount. Once I received a call stating that to pay 00/- and get write off other payment. that time I requested that I will pay today itself but please stop all numbers. I dont want to continue with Idea anymore. that lady said every thing is fine you just pay that amount and take out sim. I did the same. but still for next 3 months I was getting bills and after 3 bills I started receiving calls from my friends & official seniors. I got a call from Priti Sharma who was talking to them very rudely. without introducing herself she was asking that how do they know me...and she was telling everyone that I have referred them while taking these numbers. I realized that someone has my last calling list & someone using it for their personal reason. when I called Priti Sharma. she said my phone was not reachable. and asked to stop this nonsense. she said this is the part of Verification. Don't know what she was verifying. I said what you want to know. then she said pay amount within 1 hour or we will start our verification. I was not able to pay immediate. again she started calling to the numbers available in my calling list. very next day I received call from My super boss. he created issue in my organisation and stopped my increment as I involved in unethical activity.

as soon I paid 0/-. she stopped calling to numbers. in the same evening I received a Demand Legal Notice from Idea Celluler stating please pay 48/- to avoid legal action. I want answers for following questions.

Why before notifying me they started defaming my name?

Who has given Idea Cellular to use my calling Numbers?

When due Amount was Rs 48/- Why did they take Rs 3550/-?

My career came into question mark who is responsible for it???

Provide me the grhahak Loknyalay Pune's Address where Priti Sharma Seats would like to talk to her in front.

I want those document where I signed with the reference as Priti Sharma Informed my officials Relatives & Friends...

your one lie ruined my life.

I hope someone can understand what I mean...

Idea Cellular

Hello Suraj

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.Please share Idea contact number to assist you better.You may write us at customercare@idea.adityabirla.com/social media for assistance. Please contact 198/12345 for services and complaints if any.



Suraj Nadaf

Currently I am not Idea user. Even in future I wont recommend Idea to anyone.

I have airtel number that is. 8600337505

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We understand how frustrating this is we have also taken note of your feedback for further improvement of our services.



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