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Sunil Bhandari on 30 September 2017
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not able to use 10 gb data

Dear Sir

On 22 Sep 2017 i purchased a new mobile Vivo V7+ through Flipkart after exchanging my previous mobile i.e. Mi note 3. In which i received a offer from Jio (To avail the benefit of upto 100 GB of additional 4G data). Same day i put my jio SIM 750) in slot no 1 in vivo 7+ mobile and after taking confirmation from jio customer care executive on telephone no 199 I recharged it with Rs 309 on 23 Sep 2017 at 2303 Hrs through MyJIO apps and redeemed ADD ON Voucher of 10 GB at 0012 Hrs (as i am already using Rs 399 plan and also a prime member since starting).

But i was not able to use that 10 GB data even after the successful activation of ADD ON Voucher so when i spoke to jio customer care executive regarding the same issue then he told to do few things like to restart the phone reset the APN setting to default so i done the same thing but then also am not able to use that 10 GB data after completion of 1 GB daily data limit.

On 24 Sep 2017 i put the complaint through MYJIO apps and after that when i suppose to customer care executive through telephone again then he told me to wait for another 48 Hrs for getting the response. But today is 30 Sep 2017 till now i didn't get any response or resolution through jio technical department and my problem is remain same. In between whenever i spoke to customer care executive or their senior supervisor through telephone/email they all give different different silly excuses which is really not acceptable at any cost such as:

1) Priyanka Gupta through email on 28 Sep 17 "As per the system check I would like to inform you that the voucher add-on of 10 GB is successfully credited on your account".

My reply to Gupta Mam "I know very well way that the voucher add on of 10 GB is successfully credited to my account but actually the main problem is that I am not able to use that 10 GB data and that's why I put the same complaint." Till now no response from her side.

2) Altamash Shaikh through email on 30 Sep 17 "It seems that when you recharged your number the Jio SIM was inserted in MI max phone hence you got the voucher for MI max phone. I would like to inform you that next time if you recharge your number make sure the Jio SIM is inserted in vivo v7+ in order to get add on voucher on vivo v7+".

So here is my reply to Mr Shaikh which i sent him through mail only "First of all before using vivo v7+ am using MI note 3 (not MI max) and secondly I purchased this phone from flipkart through exchanged offer means on 22 Sep 2017 when I handed over my mi note 3 to flipkart agent after that only he handed over me vivo 7+ (which you can check with attached flipkart invoice). On 23 sep2017 after putting jio SIM in slot no 1 in vivo 7+ mobile and after taking confirmation from your customer care executive on phone (check yours call details) I recharged it with 309 and after that I got that voucher in myjio app which I redeemed in vivov7+ only so it's my humble request to you please instead of doing assumptions like a Godman it's better if you do your work as an engineer and try to resolve the issue instead of giving free suggestion regarding to use vivo v7+ instead of MI max. "

3) On 30 Sep 17 Jio senior supervisor Mr Manik called me from 0511 in my jio number and he gave me another surprising and shocking excused is that as i am not able to consume 1 GB daily data limit thats why i am not able to use 10 GB as per his system update.

When i told him to give me yours email id so that i will send him the screenshot of MYJIO apps where it is clearly indicated that i already consumed 1 GB and after that my speed reduced to 128Kbps so he told me to send the same to @jio.com its really shocking to see such type of senior supervisor who don't know wat he is speaking to their customer.

Last but not the least i don't think jio technical team is able to resolve this issue thats why when i told to all of their customer care executive through telephone to refund my Rs 309 but they are not ready to refund the amount also which is really disgusting.



Sunil Bhandari



Sunil Bhandari

Dear Sir

till now i didn't get any response from Jio side. Whereas through email their customer care executive gives different different excuses like someone told me this offer is not applicable for vivo V7+ someone told me this one is applicable only after the consumption of 1 GB daily limit and ADD ON pack even after informing several time to them that after consumption of that also i am not able to use my 10 GB data. Few of them are like this that they are suggesting me to change the handset from Vivo v7+ to MI max 2 for availing 10 GB data (Now tell me how stupid are these people who will change their brand new handset of Rs 22 000 for 10 GB data. I think Jio put all stupid fresher in their customer care as well as in technical department who simply gaves stupid response instead of resolving the issue even after 11 Days). Below is the sample of Jio Customer care executive responses (Read them once for fun such a funny and stupid reply for one complaint).


Dear Mr. Bhandari

We apologise for the inconvenience caused with regards to additional data offer.

We regret to inform you that V7+ is not an eligible handset for additional offer.

Appreciate your patience and co-operation in this matter.

Thank you

Mukhtar Baig

Team Jio


Dear Mr. Bhandari

I understand your concern regarding the Additional Data offer.

I would like to inform you that you have received the 10 GB Additional data benefits.

However as you have done multiple recharges of Rs. 91/- to receive additional 2 GB data you are unable to use the 10 GB data Add on.

You will have to exhaust your daily quota the Rs.91/- Add on and only then you will be able to use the 10 GB data benefits.

I appreciate your understanding for the same.

Thank You

Saif Khan

Team Jio


Dear Mr. Bhandari

I understand your concern with regards to additional data issue.

As informed earlier additional data voucher of 10 GB for Xiaomi Mi Max 2 has been credited on your Jio number 7019580750.

You seem to have changed the device after activating the offer.

You cannot use the data benefits on any other handset except Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

I appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

For any further support or queries feel free to write to us at care@jio.com

Thank you

Norma Shetty

Team Jio


Dear Sunil

Thank you for contacting Jio Care.

I can understand your concern about the 10GB additional data for recharging your account with Rs.309 on your Vivo V7+.

I have checked your account and can confirm that the above mentioned additional data is already applied to your account.

For any further queries or support please write to us at care@jio.com

Thank you

Manoj Pawar

Sunil Bhandari

Dear Sir

Even i put my complaint in their grievance cell (appellate.kar@jio.com) also on 30 Sep 2017 at 1816 Hrs but till now i didn't get any response from their end also.

Sunil Bhandari

Today (06 Oct 17) around 1530 Hrs while doing my own investigation in my handset i.e. Vivo V7+ i found this thing which i want to share along with yours concerned department/ Technical Team. While Clicking to MYJIO apps then MY PROFILE then SETTING and finally to LOCATE MY DEVICE i found MYJIO apps showing my VIVO V7+ handset as XIAOMI_REDMI NOTE 3 even till now also (Screenshot Attachment option not available here).

Which clearly indicate that in Jio apps its taking my Vivo V7+ handset as Xiaomi Note 3 even now also and that why may be Jio customer care executive told me the above words which clearly indicates that even if now also i do recharge with Rs 309 Voucher then also it will show as MI MAX 2 as its Jio system problem/error which still indicating it as Redmi Note 3 not my handset or mine issue. Moreover there is no option available for changing XIAOMI_REDMI NOTE 3 to Vivo V7+ under Locate My device in JIOAPP.

So its my humble request to you guys please take corrective action immediately instead of blaming others.

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