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Akshaya Kumar Sahoo on 04 November 2011
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Fraud of immigration consultant y-axis Bangalore

I have got cheated by y-axis bangalore,before sign up process they gave me all false information and signed an agreement after signup when I got a document list I got shocked after looking at that, also they told verbally we will help u to arrange fund,, but no help. Also at that time I got a financial crisis, I lost my job and my father got illness, due to that I was not able to spend a single rupee, that time I asked them please refund my money, I need it badly..but they told they will review the withdrawal process and do something after some day they send a mail and saying no refund is possible....one of her representative name ramya saying u will get some refund please wait..

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Hi atul

for y-axis I would say its not only bangalore branch which is being fraud but all the other branches are the very same.

They just liter around with our hard earned money time & hopes with all bogus and misleading information.

And talking about your friend who settled in canada he should not have forgotten about his buck which he invested in this consultancy. Just because of our this attitude they use our money for their own sake.

I have already taken steps to file a case against them asking for my amount to be refunded asap

to all I would say never ever approach this y-axis consultancy & get butchered by these fraud people

Sahil Bhatia

Thanks u very much reena atul akshay and every1 coz even i got a mail and call regarding the same day before yesterday but reading your feedback i get to know about this consultancy now its true that everythng is fake..

ClientRelationship Officer

Dear Customers

Y-axis is been in the immigration and visa industry for nearly 14 years now and we have thousands of cases of Visa success and PR grants for different countries. Our clients are well placed and settled in different parts of the world -- and we have a high number of testimonials and positive reviews of these clients. Our success speaks volumes about our performance.

We have a full fledged Client Relationship Department to look into any customer service and client issues. If you have specific issues we would appreciate if you can send us an email directly to cro@y-axis.com and immediate resolution would be provided.


Client Relationship Officer

Y-axis overseas careers

Bona Bona

Hi Everyone

I have seen many mails back and fro......So finally should I go for Y-Axis or not?

Please provide me your valuable feedback for the same...


Nishant Sharma

Hi everyone

Now can anyone please guide me so as how to get a job offer from a Canadian company (any website or GENUINE consultants which provides arranged employment to ENGINEERS).

I visited this cic.gc.ca site and entire details for the visa application process is given over there BUT in order to get a Visa you need to have an arranged employment such as offer letter else you would land up there without any job and get screwed searching for a job....

Please someone guide me about this ARRANGED employment in Canada..

ClientRelationship Officer

Dear Readers

This is an official reply from Y-Axis.

We take pride in stating that Y-Axis has become one of largest and fastest immigration consulting companies in the world and India's No. 1 Overseas Career Consultant only because of our service and success of 1000s of cases.

Since being established in 15 years ago in 1999 we have grown to over 20 company owned offices in India and abroad with 600 employees who love their job.

Y-Axis offers career counseling advice & processing for those who want to work study visit migrate or invest overseas.

Due to our high volume of inquiries and cases it is natural that we will have some unsatisfied customers. When you deal with 10 customers 1 will be unhappy of 100 customers 10 will be unhappy and so on. And Y-Axis deals with 1000s of customers. The business of visa documentation is complex and there may be hiccups during the process. Y-Axis tries its very best to resolve any issues faced during the process. This is why 50% of our business comes from referrals and word of mouth only.

On the other hand there are a few clients who sign up with Y-Axis and wish to withdraw during the process - due to their own personal reasons. And they expect a refund even after full or partial service is provided. Y-Axis does not entertain these requests.

There are also customers who get rejected and do not succeed after the process. They too expect a refund and this is rejected by Y-Axis. Y-Axis does not guarantee or promise a visa or a job. Our deliverable are very clear.

Most complaints about Y-Axis are written by the above type of customers only. Y-Axis signs a legal agreement with the customer before taking him/her on. The terms of the agreement are very clear and mentioned in black and white. Y-Axis invests in research development technology and other factors to enhance our process. There is a cost to all of this and it is not free. So in cases of the above Y-Axis refuses a refund and the customer goes online to post it.

Smaller competing firms who cannot compete with Y-Axis on any other basis get their employees to post false complaints in an attempt to tarnish Y-Axis' reputation. Employees who are terminated from Y-Axis due to fixing documents or indulging in fraud also post false reviews because they have been let go off immediately.

We are REAL company with real people processes systems and also real problems. We do not pay online portals to take off bad reviews. Neither do we pay for SEO services to ensure that bad reviews do not come up on sites like this or do not come up in search engines. So you will see bad reviews about us. Do not get carried away by lies and exaggeration. We request you to email us. If your problem is genuine and your request is reasonable we will do our best to resolve it. We pride ourselves on being a customer centric company. And we want you to go back happy & send us referrals. So do contact us in case of a genuine issue.

Y-Axis is the best in the business. Our success speaks volumes about our business. Clients are loyal and referrals are many. We thrive on being a clean company whose has been entrusted with the job of helping people get a career path and a better life. We advise that you go to our website http://www.y-axis.com or visit one of our offices to see true success stories.

Please realize when you get Y-Axis on your side you get the best career consultant on your side. What you need to consider is our experienced staff many of whom have been with us for 10-15 years a comprehensive solution that studies all aspects of our profile and your spouse - no other company in the world understand overseas careers like we do as on a daily basis we have the pulse of the immigration and visas world; transparency in the transaction as we have a clear black and white agreement. Our prices are fixed and don't change based on individual bargaining skills. Our valuable counseling is free. We don't take up a case if there is a no chance of success. Did you know that our own Sales Consultants can't take up a case until they get a positive evaluation from the Evaluation Consultant who operate independently without bias?

Don't let your dreams get waylaid by false propaganda sales talk and petty discounts.

Choose to go with the consultant who created 1000s of success stories.

Our office details are available at www.y-axis.com. You may also email support@y-axis.com

Thanks & Regards

Client Relationship Officer

Y-Axis Overseas Careers