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Shubham Chate on 22 September 2017
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Cut account balance without confirmation

I was using USSD feature for checking new plans. There were several plans desribed shortly. I read the plan of 7 days Idea to Idea Free 250 MB 4G internet. But the price was not specified there. So I selected that option to view the details but the Company activated the plan without asking me to activate or not? Even its price was not specified. I got the message saying Rs.57 has been deducted. This happened without knowing me that they are going to deduct Rs.57. I just got irritated from this incident. And lost my half hour to call customer care. They didn't helped me. I also asked them to file my complaint but they refused and asked to do me other things for which I don't have time. I have call recording of care also. And messages screenshots of these all happenings.

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

Apologies for the trouble.Please share us your Idea number with us so we can look into it.



Shubham Chate

Number is 8484097441.

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