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Wahida Shah on 22 September 2017
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Refund not received after porting

I had ported from Idea network on 24th May 017. I had complaint to @idea.adityabirla.com asking for status of refund amounting Rs. .60. I got the reply that after 60 days i will get refund through cheque at my home address.

Later when inquired with Idea gallery they told after 90 days i will get the refund and 2 days back i was informed verbally that due to reversal given by Idea i wont be getting my refund back. I was charged unreasonably for using internet even when i was having net pack.

Today its 22nd September 2017 i have still not received refund. Not a single representative of Idea is giving me proper information.

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

Sorry for trouble caused to you. Request you to share us your Idea number to get this checked.



Wahida Shah

My mobile no. 9867348829.

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

We have noted your concern we will get back to you at the earliest to share an update.



Wahida Shah

How many more days you require to refund my amount?

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