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Vikas Nawathey on 13 September 2017
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Mass violation of traffic rules

I am staying in Pimple Saudagar near Govind Garden Chowk. There is mass violation of traffic rules in front of my complex and it's happening daily.

1. The vehicles ( 2/4 wheelers) are being driven on the wrong side to avoid few meters of extra drive. This may result into serious accidents specifically when we are coming out on our vehicle from the complex.

2. The two wheelers are being driven on footpath at full speed that is meant for pedestrians. This violation is observed more in the peek hours evenings. Last week one of the biker has carelessly driven his bike over my sons foot.

People do not have patience to wait for signal.

3. There is mass traffic signal violation at the chowk.

Hope some corrective action will be initiated immediately before some serious accident happens.

Thanks and Regards.

Vikas Nawathey.


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