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Mamta Manchanda on 12 September 2017
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ordered smart watch but received toy watch

Item ID: 4503

My PaisaPay ID 229. I have ordered smart watch from ebay on 26

august price Rs 9/-. but when i have not received watch till 7 september i request ebay to refund my money this claim was on process then i received a parcel on 8 september evening when i opened the parcel in the parcel there is a toy watch which we can buy from Rs 10 in local market. I emailed seller and sent the picture of the product which he has sent and i make a call to the seller for this he talked rudely with me and asked don't call me then i called ebay and sent the pictures to ebay of received product they asked me to solve the problem within 24 to 72 hours but till now i have not received any resolution nor any call or update from their side. why they add the cheater seller on their site. The seller is very cheater. please sir do something this is a great loss for me and aise cheater seller ko to punish karna chahiye. I have add the picture of toy watch that the seller has sent instead of smart watch.

Ebay India

Dear Mamta Manchanda

We are sorry to hear that you've been having this experience. Since we can't reach you so you can contact us here: http://ocsnext.ebay.in/ocs/home


Team eBay

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