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Saurov Karroy on 07 September 2017
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Tikona Sending Legal message for undue payment

We had Tikona connection two years ago. I have taken the connection with 3 months advance deposit ( all isp provide service with advance payment only). Now the tower is on our builing so Tikona has no signal antenna to be setup in my rented premise only direct wire of 15ft. Now after 1 and a half months we left the rented building asking tikona to shut of the service. There were no computers in which they can provide service then how can they claim money for providing service and how can they claim that they has given service even after 3months wherever they give service on advance payment only. On the top of it the Tikona servicemen told me they were giving 4th month free if 3monts payment is done at the first time which their office is denying. They are sending Legal Sms to file case in the name of Gautam Kar Roy no 942.

Tikona Care

Dear Mr. Roy

Greeting from Tikona

We have checked and found that your account is Suspended due to non payment.

Now your current outstanding is Rs. 2 251.04 request you to clear it to avoid the late payment charges.

For any further issues/queries you can contact us on 1-860-3000-3434 or you can reach us at forum.tikona.in


Tikona Care.

Saurov Karroy

You are asking for amount you never owned every month you are increasing that amount. You check your own fraud system and account and see if you gave service for more than two months and you got the payment for that. You are saying you have continued the service after request or discontinuation. Also we have given you documents that we left that building after two months.Again on principle grounds you have not even invested in antenna as the tower was above us. You stop this fraud company and threatening system. It cannot be continued forever there are other steps to be followed.

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