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Amit Agarwal on 01 September 2017
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Harassment by IDEA Cellular


My name is Amit Agarwal and I am not staying in India as I remember I used always prepaid whenever I use to come in India.

Suddenly I am getting below email from IDEA I am not sure as thye dont share any information about this amount.

Request you to please help me out so that i will not get this kind follow up on regular basis.

Please find below the notice which i am getting regularly from Idea Cellular for your reference..



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Today 5:35 AM

Amit Agarwal (BAS)


Action Items

** This mail has been sent from an external source **

Case No.:- 58742/LOK/Sep-17

Dear Customer

Greetings of the Day.

This is to inform you that you have been requested to attend Lok adalat at Distrit Legal Services Authority District Civil Court Shivaji Nagar - 1005 on 9th Sept 2017 from 0.30 am to 3.00 pm for settlement of your account 8692 / 8221 .

As per the agreement signed you have agreed to pay the outstanding dues of Rs.4220/- However you have failed to keep your commitment.

Thereafter despite of repeat requests and reminders by our company representatives you have not paid the said outstanding amount till Date.

In case if you are making payment before the Lok Adalat Date please feel free to call :- 4758 or refer to below link for payment.


We value your association with Idea Looking forward for your cooperation!

This is an auto generated mail Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox


Team Service Delivery

IDEA Cellular Limited

Visit us at: http://www.ideacellular.com

Idea Cellular

Dear Amit

As checked there is no outstanding amount is pending for the number 9850838221.


Simranjeet Arora.

Idea Cellular

Dear Amit

Please email us payment details at customercare@idea.adityabirla.com we will shortly assist you.


Simranjeet Arora.

Amit Agarwal

you clearly mention no outstanding amount for this number I am not sure what are you trying to do This is really harassment emails and last so many years I am not in India and you people are sending me fake emails for payment. Please stop all these emails now.

Amit Agarwal

Today again I received same email for LOK NYAYLAY INTIMATION ! IDEA CELLULAR. as you mention above correct your data and stop these email.

Idea Cellular

Dear Customer

As per our telecon we have confirmed that you don't have any concern regarding your number.



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