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Abhilasha Lokhande on 20 August 2017
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Reliance GSM offere


I made a recharge of Rs 45/- on 06/08/2017 offer was 10GB data for 28 days through SBI bank net banking on my no. 5609 I received confirmation message that your account have been successfully recharge but I did not received any data balance I contacted to 198 Reliance customer care for same but they didn't responded me properly I called them twice thrice but I don't know for what reason I was not able to connect with them than I went to reliance store to resolve the problem they gave me a complaint no. 5089 after that i received a message that your request will be resolved in next two days but next day I received a message that benefit could not be credited as there is no offer as per otafrecharge date I again went to reliance store I told them that this offer was offered me on *129# & they confirmed same through their computer system & in my mobile as well they resended the complaint & gave me another complaint no. 0093 again I received same message but the offer was revoked by them now when i dial to *129# offer is not seen their. I tried to call customer care fortunately call was connected they assure me that you will be getting 10 GB data within 2/3 days with another complaint no. 5958 but than I again received same message finally I called them again & requested to refund me back but they gave me once again anothe complaint no.258203960 & assure me that your request will resolved in next 4 four days till date I didn't received any data balance nor refund on 19/08/2017 I went to reliance store they gave me Appellate no.i.e. 2011 & asked me to call them to resolve my problem when I called them they told me that your no. Does not have such offer so I asked her to refund me back but than she told me that benefit is already credited to your account I told her I didn't received any benefit if you can see in your system than give me the details she told me they did not specified the details so you should called them again on 198 /*333 or on 3333 this no. were sended through message by them. No one is resolving my problem no response is getting from them.

I request you kindly look into the matter & help to get my refund as I didn't received any benefit nor refund.

Reliance Communications

Dear Abhilasha

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.


Reliance Communications

Abhilasha Lokhande

Fine my alternate no. is 7506170751 but your team already approached to my brother on this no. 9987078744 today at 12:45 pm & according to his conversation with your team they were going to resolve my problem within 6 hours & I received same message from your team but still things are not resolved yet & guess what they gave another service request no. 258312621 you people already took 2 weeks & still you all are working on same problem if you cannot give proper service to your customers than why did you sent such offers to them just to make fool of them & nothing else. Dissatisfied with your service & whole hopeless team.

Abhilasha Lokhande

Thank you Grahk seva for your support though I am not satisfied with the talk time credited to my account as I recharged with Rs 245/- & my account credited with 200/- it's a loss going to switch to some other network very soon but I recovered something with your help thanks once again.

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