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Mansha Yadav on 12 August 2017
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Booking id 0042

Customer name: mrs. Mansha yadav

Receipt number: 9028

This is to inform you that i have purchased gold bank scheme in the year 20th june 2012 for amount of rs. 01/- which was due on 20th june 2017 for maturity amount of rs.60 01/-

However before the due date i have submitted my documents to your office for the maturity value. But however i regret to inform you that i was paid only rs.52 38/- as against rs.60 01/- on 31st july 017.

I was surprised that i was paid less than the maturity amount however i brought this matter to your staff i was told due to gst tax was deducted. I may please highlight to you that gst came in to force only in the month of july 2017 and not in june 017.

Since i was unable to get my full maturity amount i have brought to the notice of the national consumer forum wide my consumer complain number 5332 dated: 3rd august 017.

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