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Bibhash Mishra on 09 August 2017
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Relince post paid plan was change without my concern and they are cheating me.


I have opted reliance post paid plan freedom 350 for delhi reason one year before but two months ago my plan was change to JALSA_399 by reliance without my concern.i contact customer officer and they said that it was an offer and post paid plan was changed for all the user i was totally surprised that without my permission why my postpaid plan was changed and they told that it was decided by company then i asked how company will be decide which plan is best suited for me. anyhow my plan was changed and it now JALSA_199 then i asked about the bill and payment which was almost doubled then officer replied you should pay all the amount and next month bill will be adjusted according to the new plan 199.

But what a surprised two day before i had seen at instacare that my post plan is again changed to JALSA_499 without my concern several time i try to contact 198 but executive didn't give a me any satisfied reason always talk like they cheated me. several time i request https://myservices.relianceada.com but they are not listening my request at all.

I have already paid doubled amount so i request please look at the matter and changed my postpaid plan to JALSA_199 and adjust my bill accordingly.

Thanks and regards

Bibhash Mishra

Reliance Communications

Dear Bibhash

We request you to e-mail us your details at socialmedia.rcom@relianceada.com we would be glad to address your concern.


Reliance Communications

Bibhash Mishra

I have mailed you my details.Please solve my problem

Bibhash Mishra

Till now my problem is not solved request you please look at the matter.

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