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Anuvind Menon on 07 August 2017
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very bad service by idea

i have been using idea for some time now.3 months before i stoped getting 4g .i had an offer 1gb per day.as i was not getting 4g network i had to relay on booster packs.and the bill came around 1700rs .so i called custmr sevice and informed the problems i have faced and i told them i wouldnt pay the bill if no action is taken.one month passed again i wasnt getting 4g .i had called custumer service several times.the only time i got calls from custemer service was to inform me abot new plans and to pay bills.no action was taken so my sim was barred and one mont afer that new bill came.i got to pay for a months bill that i couldnt use because it was barred.they could find the problem after two monts and told me to take a duplicate sim.

Idea Cellular

Hi Anuvind

Kindly provide us your contact number we will shortly update you.


Simranjeet Arora.

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