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Brijesh Patel on 17 July 2017
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Car Transfer Papers

I have purchased Logan car in January 2017 and i have give them full amount of Rs125000 INR and car transfer charges of Rs 3200 INR 9000 INR by Cheque and remaining by cash). At that time they only gave me a copy of their delivery challan only. After this they told me that after 5-20 days they will give me RC book and other papers but still even after 6 months they not even give reply properly and also not any paper given by them. Sometimes i have to pay fine as car's paper not available. I have to drive car without paper.

So please contact them to do this as early as possible. Their contacts details is as below:

Amulbhai: 6662 9362

Suman bhai: 6555

Ujjavalbhai: 7817

E mail: @gmail.com

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