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Pawan Rajput on 16 July 2017
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Subscription to unwanted services without my consent

I am using Reliance Gsm prepaid sim with mobile no 066. Recently i recharged with almost 100rs and since then i have been subscribed to 4 scheme which were activated without my permission. Now my balance is 1.03 Rs.

Thank you for subscribing GAMES CLUB @Rs 21 for 7 Days. Enjoy Unlimited Exciting Games here. Click here http://gamesclub.in

You have been successfully subscribed to NazGameSub21 service for 7 days.To un-subscribe SMS Unsub 4020 to 155223(Toll Free).

You have been successfully subscribed to AskVPAudiotalk30Subs service for 30 days.To un-subscribe SMS Unsub 1012 to 155223(Toll Free).

You have been successfully subscribed to ASKShtfrmtVTSubs50 service for 50 days.To un-subscribe SMS Unsub 1629 to 155223(Toll Free).

These 4 packages have been activated without my knowledge and i didn't activate them. I am trying to contact them by 198 and *333. But these people are so cheap that when the call is going to transfer to customer care executive they just end the call..

When i had less than 10rs balance no such schemes were activated and i recharged with 100rs suddenly they start activating any scheme..Clearly they are trying to loot people of their hard earned money..

Please reply as soon as possible.

Reliance Communications

Dear Pawan

We are glad to inform you that the necessary waiver has been restored back to your account. Thank you for using our services.


Reliance Communications

Pawan Rajput

I received only half the amount. Please see to it . A total of 100rs was deducted and 50rs have been restored yesterday.. What about the rest 50rs..

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