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Dipak Sananse on 10 July 2017
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Videocon d2h forcefully installation of connection reg.v

Dear Sir I had call to Videocon d2h customer care on dated 07 July for enquiries of their service and packages on my enquiries they asked be for installation of Videocon d2h connection but I firmly and clearly refused for the connection because it is not affordable for me. But again there insisting call come to on my mobile phone. At this time my wife picked up the phone but she don't know about the connection she thought this is another connection which was choosed by my husband and therefore my wife was easily trapped by videocon d2h company's persons and without my consent there representatives came to my home and installed the videocon d2h connection. When I came to home on same day at evening and saw their connection on my TV I shocked and immediately call to Videocon d2h customercare for their such cheating connection and insisted to take out the connection. Sir Videocon d2h representative daily comes to my home and asking for their charges for Rs. 2000 and when I refuse to pay them they are threatening me. When I do not want their service why they are forcefully insisting me for their connection and pay their charges. Even they are threatening me if I do not take their connection and not pay Rs. 000. Sir in the light of the above fact I hope you will consider my problem and taken out me from such circumstances.

Videocon Team

Dear Dipak

Please email us at customercare@d2h.com. We will make every effort to revert with resolution as soon as possible.

Warm Regards

Videocon d2h Team

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