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State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur on 19 May 2017
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poor service


We are the SBI chomu Branch (earlier SBBJ Chomu Branch) near jain mandir laxmi nath ji ka chowk chomu (Kno. 046)

we hereby submit that

1. we have lodged one complaint regarding non working of one phase in our branch.

2. first complaint was lodged on dated 19/05/2017 at around 0.25 A.M. (referred and attended by Ekta) bearing complaint no. ending with 047 as advised by Ekta.

3. Further we talked to call center having no. 3000 at following timings

1.36 1.40 2.46 1.26 2.16 3.41 5.13 6.07 6.35 6.54 7.17 (attended by Sh. Mukesh Swati Minaxi Suraj Govind Shahjad at referred incidents)

4. It was assured to resolve the problem within 30 minutes to one hour and visit of technical persons for resolving the problem was assured.

5.However there was no visit of such person/s in order to solve the same.

6. Further the call centre employee submitted that the complaint was assigned to Sh. Mohan Lal Sharma Having mobile no. 441. but he did not attended the branch till 7.50 P.M. dated 017.

7. Sir as we are the oldest branch of Chomu where the branch is having heaviest foot fall or customer visit as compared to other branch of this area (due to government business pension and large customer strength) such incident has raised a good loss to our customer service and as the same has not been resolved till timing at 8.00 P.M.If this condition persists our branch server will shut down due to non supply of power to ups. (for which one phase is made out as referred in para - 9)

8. It really shows a great concern towards your set up for customer service and specially to customer who are apart from individual customers indulged in public dealing and public utility service.

9 .further the interesting fact is that two persons visited the poll located for branch electricity supply and executed something which has caused the same problem.

10. Please investigate the same and resolve it at earliest.

Branch Manager

SBBJ Chomu Branch


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