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Unique Heaven on 03 May 2017
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Harassment call and legal notice from Reliance communication

I had reliance broadband connection. Internet has not worked for 1-2 month. Then I made a termination request. They had not disconnected for 15 days. I have submitted a request for termination and paid the bill for the months on which Internet was working. But after my termination request they are demanding to pay bill amount for the months on which Internet was not working. I had made so many complaint during the months when Internet was not working but none of their representative could clarify on that.

ow I had been receiving calls from someone from "tees hazari court Delhi" that I have a case against me and I have to call to some number and discuss it.

When I tried to inquire about the person who is calling he said he is from inquiry dept from Tees hazari court but couldn't give me any more detail.

Today I have received an email as following:

Advocate Sukhpreet Malhotra


Client Tel Networks

Registered Office : 173 Basement Pushpanjali New Delhi-110092

(Advocates & Legal Consultants)


ID: CTN/2017/5/Lot-30/CBB/38837

Date: 1-May-17



Billing Account Number: 8526 (MDN- 303)

Subject: Legal Notice for Recovery of Rs. 92/-

Dear Sir/Madam

On instructions of my clients Reliance Communications Limited and Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited I hereby serve upon you with the following legal notices:

1. That you had subscribed to the Telecom Services being provided by my clients on the basis of terms and conditions of the Customer Application Form which was duly signed and executed by you. Our client Reliance Communications Ltd. have from time to time raised bills for the services availed by you.

2. That my client on your specific request had agreed to provide the services as desired by you and in lieu thereof you had duly signed and executed the Customer Application Form and other related forms duly agreeing to all the terms and conditions thereof. You by signing the CAF had duly understood all the terms and conditions of the agreement and one of the conditions being that all payments with regards to the said services shall be made by you in time without failure or delay. Upon your agreeing to the terms and conditions of the agreement and by signing the CAF form and other related forms the aforesaid fixed line phone connection and a Customer Billing Account Number ****************** was duly allotted to you.

3. That as per the terms and condition of the agreement you were under legal obligation inter alia to make payments on time of the periodic invoices raised upon you in respect of services availed by you. However in spite of the receipt of the said invoices from my clients you have grossly failed to make the said payments. Due to the non- payment of your legitimate dues my client was compelled to disconnect your aforesaid fixed line phone connection. Further as on date a sum of Rs. *****/- is due and payable to my clients in this regard. It is further submitted that despite the agreement being entered by you with my clients you have intentionally and deliberately breached the trust of my clients by violating the terms and conditions of the agreement which clearly amounts to a punishable offense under section. 406 IPC. By violating the terms and conditions of the said agreement you have also made yourself liable for criminal prosecution as well as of civil liability for recovery of the said amount which is due to my clients.

4. That my client assumes that your conduct was intentional and deliberate by not making the payment to my clients after duly availing the services offered by them. This act of yours is indicative of a dishonest intention of causing wrongful loss to my clients and wrongful gain for your-self inter alia amounting to cheating my clients which may culminate into a criminal offence punishable under section 420 of IPC with imprisonment or fine.

5. That in the aforesaid circumstances we have been instructed by my clients to demand from you immediate payment of the aforesaid amount of Rs. *****/- and to give you this notice that if case you fail to make the payment to our clients the aforesaid sum of Rs. *****/- together with interest thereon within 7 days from the date of the receipt of this notice we have definite instructions from our clients to adopt appropriate legal proceedings criminal as well as civil against you in the competent court of law at your entire risk costs and consequences.

6. That as per the agreement you are also liable to pay 2.5% interest per month on the aforesaid amount from the date of default till actual realization.

7. This legal notice supercedes any other legal notice(s) send to you for the captioned purpose on behalf of my clients. For any clarification you may please contact Mr. Suraj (Mobile: ************) Email ID ****************@relianceada.com

8. That in case you already have made the requisite payment before the receipt of this notice in that scenario kindly treat the aforesaid notice as withdrawn provided the proof of payment details are sent to us.

Note: Copy of this notice is retained in my office for further necessary action in the future.

Sukhpreet Malhotra


Could you please suggest what action should I take next?

Reliance Communications

Dear Customer

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns. However request you to provide us with an alternate number so that we can successfully contact you.


Reliance Communications

Reliance Communications

Dear Customer

Our customer service team has informed us that your concerns have been addressed. Let us take this opportunity to assure you that we strive to provide you with the best of our services at all times.


Reliance Communications

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