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Ehtisham Alam on 21 April 2017
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Sold damaged refrigerator by cheating

Dear Sir/Madam

I had bought WHIRLPOOL Refrigerator in the month of October from the shop against the invoice No.1786 dated 29th October 2016 is damaged. In this regard I would like to submit few lines for your kind consideration.

· Refrigerator was bought in off season so the box was not opened during winter season. When it was opened one sticker was found at very odd place.

· After removal of sticker one large dent was found over there.

All these are causing great inconvenience and I feel cheated. I therefore request to WHIRLPOOL to replace the damaged refrigerator for a new one. But since long they are not solving this issue.I have sent so many complaints on email IDs

which are given below.I spent more than 10 thousands bucks but still i am unable use this refrigerator.It is the height of injustice.Kindly arrange to sort out this issue and make justice in favour of me.

1- @whirlpool.com

2- @caretelindia.com (Mr.Ankur Dubey)

3- @whirlpool.com (Mr.Ashok)

Name- Ehtesham Alam

Address- Firozabad UP (PIN-283203)

Product- Refrigerator

Model- 0383

S. No- INC162710801

Mobile- 0926

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