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Biswajit Gupta on 19 April 2017
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Unauthorized balance deduction by Reliance from my prepaid balance

Dear Sir on 017) at 2.08 AM Reliance deducted Rupees 3 from my prepaid balance (mobile number: 93). The SMS send from Reliance is as follows:

You have been successfully subscribed to StoreSubs service for 1 days. To unsubscribe SMS Unsub 2852 to 5223 (Tollfree) but originally I did not subscribed for any service.

On the morning of 4.17 I did not recharge any amount because they will deduct amount again.

Later on the same day at 9.12 AM Reliance again send the following SMS:

Dear Reliance Customer your subscription renewal for StoreSubs Service for Rs. 3 is due on 017. To unsubscribe SMS Unsub 2852 to 5223 (Toll Free).

For a better confirmation I followed the process of SMS provided on the following website of Reliance: http://www.rcom.co.in/rcom/personal/customercare/customercare_sac.html

1. To deactivate VAS packs thru SMS type STOP and send to 5223 (tollfree). Reply of the above request I received is mentioned below- You are subscribed to following VAS: 1. StoreSubs. To unsubscribe SMS STOP to 155223(Tollfree). Eg. STOP 1 to 223.

I did not send the sms to unsubscribe as because I myself did not activated that pack.

I request the concerned Grahak Seva Team to look into the matter and take necessary steps so that Reliance deactivates this service themselve and refund my deducted amount and Stop this balance deduction.

Thanking You

Biswajit Gupta

Mobile: 9993 .

Reliance Communications

Dear Biswajit

We are glad to inform you that the necessary waiver has been restored back to your account. Thank you for using our services.


Reliance Communications

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