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Bharath Kumarj on 17 April 2017
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MNP Code is not getting from Reliance

Reliance decline the request of mobile number portablity Dear sir/ Mam This is bharath kumar J , I am using reliance gsm service in karnataka, now I need to port my reliance number to other network if I send message port 6565 to 900. I am not getting any message from+1901. Rs 0.50 ps will be deducted as I message to get upc code.I tried 10 time to get the code. Reason for port : In my service area (I.e shimoga, karnataka) the quality of mobile internet is too slow, so I need to get 4g service from any available network in my area. So I request you to help me in getting upc code as soon as possible.My mobile number :+91 6565 -karnataka reliance gsm prepaid customer.

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Bharath KumarJ

Hello Grahak Seva

my problem related to MNP unique porting code issue was solved. Finally they send port code to my mobile number.I hope reliance will allow to port to other operator.Thank you for your kind support.

Thank you

Reliance Communications

Dear Bharath

Our customer service team has informed us that your concerns have been addressed. Let us take this opportunity to assure you that we strive to provide you with the best of our services at all times.


Reliance Communications

Bharath KumarJ

Dear sir after complaining to grahak seva i got mnp code ..but reliance people smartly not allowing to port to other operator...I tried 2 times to port to other operator... But they are playing smartly..Ril peoples doesn't show any declining status. For this i am required to get port code one more time (This is third time) but i am requesting port code but not able to get the code. Please take this compliant one more time..

Shariz Khan

My reliance number is +919305332128.

Name - Rashid Ali Khan

City - Barabanki

I have not received my UPC Code though I tried a lot.

My reliance number is attached to many institutions along with

government institutions.

Please send UPC code to my reliance number or my alternate number

- 9236442585 so that I can port my number to any other service


Kunal Gureja

My reliance number is 8010881360..

i am not getting UPC code so please send me asap.

alternate number 8588071871

Rumana Hasim

My reliance number is 9337831810

I am not getting UPC this is my important number so please send me UPC

My alternate number 8908689445