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Pritam Manick on 15 April 2017
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Reliance balance deductions three times in a month

Hi Reliance

This is Mr.Priyorshi Manick from West Bengal and my mobile no is 9830656289.I had Rs.62/- in my core account.Suddenly Reliance debited rs.20 from my core balance and when I complaint on Facebook page I got back my balance and it was again rs.62/- credited in my main account.Suddenly again I noticed today that Relaince debited Rs.62/- from my core account and balance reduced to nil.What are you doing???Do you want that I should switch to another network immediately doing MNP? Refund my balance of rs.62/- soon else I will port out soon for sure!!! After complaint your facebook page Today I checked my account balance at 3.30pm and got only 20 rupees Where are my other ₹40 Reliance??? Shame on you Reliance.

My Alternate No.-09143654046

Reliance Communications

Dear Pritam

We are glad to inform you that the necessary waiver has been posted to your account. Thank you!


Reliance Communications

Pritam Manick

Hi Reliance I earlier told you that I got only ₹20 so where are my ₹40??? Can you explain this?? You had been stolen my balance ₹60 and I only got ₹20!! What a joke! Totally cheted by you.

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