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Sachin Bm on 13 April 2017
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Mobikwik..order not placed amount deducted even no refund

Sir on 6th night at 0.11 PM...I was trying to make a payment for eBay amount was deducted but order was not placed...so tried to call eBay and mobikwik but no response from them...so I raised a complaint over here please help me to get my money back

Mobikwik user ID:sachinsachu658.ss@gmail.com

Order ID:IMBK5263638956

Ebay India

Dear Sachin Bm

We are sorry to hear that you've been having this experience. Since we can't reach you so you can contact us here: http://ocsnext.ebay.in/ocs/home


Team eBay

Sachin Bm

Already contacted eBay many times...but no use they are not providing the refund

Sachin Bm

It's already 9 days passed but still eBay is not providing a refund...I'm asking for my money sir

Sachin Bm

EBay user ID:sachinsachu699.ss@gmail.com

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