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Chandra Bhushan Mehta on 20 March 2017
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Aumatic sim is not working


i am a customer of aircel last five years. My mobile no is 940. This prepaid aircel no belongs to j&k.as i am posted out from jammu as per service requirement i port this no from jammu and taken this no in bangalore same no and same company.but after four months number is automatically stopped( stopping date 07). i regularly recharged.customer care people told that if you not used 21 days no will automatically stop.and also told that this no is not closed by karnataka it closed by jammu so i cant help you go and activated from there only. But jammu customercare told that once number port from jammu i cant help you .

So please help me what can i do this no is very very important for me

Aircel Support

Dear Chandra Bhushan Mehta

We suggest you visit the nearest Aircel store (ASAP) of your current home circle (Karnataka) with a valid ID proof to get assistance in this regard. Further please let us know if you face any issue at any Aircel store.

Thanks and Regards

Aircel Social Media Team

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