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Dibyendu Mazumder on 20 March 2017
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Bus Ticket Cancellation from Paytm Wallet

Paytm Mobile Solutions — Extra Charges for Bus ticket Booking & Cancellation

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Di dib09 on Mar 20 2017 Mark as Resolved


I have booked bus ticket from PAYTM wallet from Digha to Kolkata for 19th March 2017 (PAYTM TICKET ID: ONRZM2). Ticket PNR: GFCGNQY for three persons. Total fare was 0.00

As per you Instructions INR 3.00 for (Bus Ticket & INR 7.00 for Insurance Charges.

I have cancelled the ticket on 18th March 017. I have got INR 2.00 only.

As per your instruction I have got a message the Insurance charge has deducted from your tickets that is INR 7.00 + INR 1.00 = INR 8.00

Total 8.00 rupees has deducted from me. On the time of booking there has a instruction I'll get 100% refund within 24 hours. But I can't got it.

My question is why are you cheated me & misguide the customer. You should maintain the rules and honesty.

Why I paid for insurance twice I don't understand. Kindly clarify me & send my refund money properly.

Now I am very much worried about my rupees in PAYTM. I am not secure. Any time you can deducted my money as a false allegation.

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