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Arup Ghosh Dastidar on 17 March 2017
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I have 2 policies of Max Life Insurance. The policy was taken thru Axis Bank.

The payment for this is through ECS and it is done through an annual payment. The next scheduled payment for these 2 policies is early April 017.

Today 17th MArch 2017 an agent of Max Life Insurance (Nikhil: Phone # 2194 010) called me and mentioned of a 10% discount which is typically given to Agents that would be passed on back to me if I transferred the premiums directly via NEFT to a bank account they would specify.

A 10% reduction in the premium would have meant I saved Rs 30 00/-

This was too good to be true.

Which is why I did a google check on the same.

Thanks to the complaints made in this forum I now know this is a fraud scheme.

These fraudsters have MAX LIFE customer information obtained through lax information security policies at your end and are making illegal use of the same.

There have been quite a few instances of this fraud happening and too many for Max Life to treat as a one-off.

It is not good enough for MAX LIFE to request duped customers to file a police complaint after the event.

Please take the proper preventive measures to ensure customers are not being deprived of their hard earned money.

My request to you MAX LIFE would be to immediately send an email or SMS to ALL your customers alerting them to such a fraud.

Send the email / SMS now!!

After all these fraudsters claim to be MAX Life agents and have information that customers shared with MAX LIFE trusting it would not be used for malafide intentions

Thank You

Arup Ghosh Dastidar


Maxlife Insurance

Dear Arup Apologies for the inconvenience. Please send us your policy number and contact details so that our team can connect with you to resolve your concerns. Please mail us on care@maxlifeinsurance.com for any further details.


Max Life Insurance.

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