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Harish Vaigankar on 16 March 2017
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Harrasement by snapdeal by not picking up product

I have ordered one pair of woodland sandles on 18/12/2016 and I have putted request for return on 31 Dec 2016 during the time of returning by mistekly I have cancelled order and Which i had reported to snapdeal and customer advisor have made it clear and they had reschedule the order...Now It has been almost 3months my pickup is not done now I have lost my patience level. I have called snapdeal several times but it is of no use every now and then they are saying 2-3 days. What should I do to overcome through this harrasement ....My order I'd is 927. They are not doing any follow up with the customers...... What to do.... Common people like me have lost faith from this type of site...

Harish Vaigankar

Till date nothing has been done by snapdeal no call email nothing

Snapdeal Help

Dear Harish

We assure you our team is working on your concern and request you to allow us some time. We will get in touch with you shortly.


Team Snapdeal

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