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Pradeep Lodha on 08 March 2017
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Amount deducted

Hello Support

Please help me I had been deducting amount from Rs 30/- to 7.96 from starting to 18 Feb 2017 to up-till now to my reliance number 907.

please check and let me refund my amount.

Pradeep Lodha

Now my balance reaches to Rs. 51.96/- . Its a total of Rs. 78.04 Deduction :-(

Please anyone of grakhseva get intimate to reliance company to stop deducting amount like a thief.

Pradeep Lodha

Plus Rs3/- More. Now a total of Rs 81/- had been deducted.

Pradeep Lodha

Now Rs 86.93 has been deducted uptill now. Please anyone can stop this ? I want my money back

Pradeep Lodha

Its been continue deduction of amount Now a total of Rs.96/- has been deducted. Please refund my amount and stop this deduction

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