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Siddhesh Surve on 17 February 2017
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Fraud against purchase of membership by country vacations

Im Siddhesh Surve

Membership no - CVGK37V10LB229510

I have paid 0000 advance on dec 03 2016 for membership of 10yrs 6N7D blue U12

Before purchasing the membership I was assured that I will be getting 6N7D trip to Singapore which I had planned in advance.. After paying the advance they are saying that I won't get any international trip unless I pay entire 1.47 lac.. Also I have received acknowledgement of just 25k.. After argument for around 1week they told me I wud get trip of 3N4D which was OK.. Then I asked them to atleast club this trip with Bali.. After a time of around 1 more week I was told that it won't be possible as wen Singapore property is available then Bali was not and vice versa.. Many silly reasons are still put up as the reservation Dept is closed today the guy who books the trip is on leave today we will get back to u soon and no call for 2-3 days.. They assume that we are fools to follow up continuously for our trip.. Even central customer care is not taking any action against them.. Pathetic service.. At this moment they are not even bothered to call back.. I want my 0000 Rs refund.. Plz help out.. Hope consumer forum looks after this.. Im ready to pay 10% of the amount which is blocked at the moment..

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