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Gurcharan Singh on 17 February 2017
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harrassement by Kotak official

I am being harassed by kotak official regarding the outstanding payment of barclays credit card which i have already paid via cheques in 2009 and i have the receipt and settlement letter. i am getting call from Ms. Sheetal from Kotak noida branch. plot no 7 sector-25 stating that you have an outstanding balance of Rs.76000/- which you need to pay. when i told her that i have already settled the amount with barclays then she said we don't have any status of your card. i have mailed the scan copy of the letter to them which they denied to accept and calling me continuously and harassing me. she calling me again and again and saying we can offer you one time settlement amount of Rs.15 500 which i refused because i have made the payment in past and i have all the records.

they are calling me on my official time and repeating the same thing which is effecting my work. they are putting unnecessary pressure on me and using false language.

kindly suggest me the solution or i am left with one choice to go to consumer court.

Thanks & Regards

Gurcharan Singh

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