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Vishal Singh on 09 January 2017
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Substandard Iball HD Tablet sold by shopclues. Not accepting the return request.

Bought Iball HD Tablet from shopclues.

When i opened the box i found following substandard deficiencies in the tablet.

1. Display quality is very poir pixels of videos were torn.

2. Couldn't connect to any Normal Audio jack of speakers and headphones.

3. FM signals reception is so poor that u can't hear a single channel without disturbance.

4. By mistake if u click camera to take picture and see the screen you'll feel so dizzy with the quality of display that you have to stop in between.

5. If u work continous for more than a minute and u see anything in room you'll see all dark around.

I really wonder how do they deliver such substandard goods by overlooking rhe health and safety concerns of users. You can't spoil us kids eyes with such display device.

Worst part is they are not ready to take it back even after three followups.

And daringly they even closed the return request without even talking to me.

Now they r showing me the way of their service centre to get it repair. Just see the kind of intelligence they are groomed with.

Guys stay away i had a horrible experience .

I'm trying to sell it at olx at lesser price but surprisingly there is no buyer.

Vishal Singh


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