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Kailas Vidhate on 08 January 2017
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wrongly meter pd

Dear sir

i here by inform you that i m already given written request cum complaint to bhokardan office district - jalna dated- 03/07/2013

recived by mr. Malkhede ( ass . eng )

but unfortunatly yet not attend it .

actuly my meter was wrongly pd by our dep on 21/01/2012 .our office didnt take my complaint up to 8 month they only told me that first you paid your bill after we take your complaint . by force they agree to take complaint . i was gven 2 written complaint dated

1) 04/09/2012

2) 16/02/2013

one by post 02/11/2012

so please attend my request . and give me my meter

consumer no 9218

my mobile no 1273

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