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Vikramsinh Dantkale on 05 January 2017
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Amount Deducted from bank a/c but Payment Failed

This was my first time using Paytm. I created a new account on the paytm website. I don't have a smartphone so i cannot use the paytm app. I created a new a/c and was done with OTP and all to create it. Then I wanted to add Rs. 290 in my paytm wallet through my Indian Overseas Bank debit card. I gave the Debit card information and was taken to the IOB Payment Gateway. I gave my password there and I was redirected back to the paytm website, where it showed me "Payment Pending, please wait at most 4 hours because your bank servers are busy". Amount had been debited from my IOB Bank Account, I got an SMS regarding that. After 0-15 minutes I checked paytm website again to check the status of the transaction. Then it showed "Payment Failed because Bank has refused to make the payment". But I had already received an SMS about the debited amount. My money has been deducted and will not show up in the paytm wallet because the transaction had failed on paytm's side. On that transaction's details page, there's is a link called 'Contact Us'. I clicked on that link, and another page opens up saying "Sorry, some error while fetching Paytm Cash history". This means there's is some error on paytm's side. I made a call to the customer care on the phone number 797. I made a complaint there by giving the Order ID to the automated voice call system and was told that I'll be reached within 48 hours and I'll be put in priority. It has been almost 48 hours now, no calls no SMSs. I am a student and I am some handful of money only, and when I really need a service, I try to make use of it, and I am greeted with this!? Date Of Transaction: 4-January-2017 Time Of Transaction: 2:35AM Amount: Rs. 00/- Time when I received SMS from IOB: 2:36AM Name: Vikramsinh Dantkale Registered Ph. No. 5476 Please do the needful.

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