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Sujay Choudhary on 05 January 2017
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Rude Behaviour of the Airtel Customer Care Operator

Hello Airtel


I write this mail to acknowledge to the concerned people about the rude behaviour of the Customer Operator named Mr. Arnish Kumar.

I think when someone is at the servicing sector it is their duty to be polite while explaining things to the customers/clients which i did't find in this guy who was rude to me and when told about the same Mr kumar started arguing with me by saying that "This is how i talk and this is how my pitch is from the day if my birth & if you feel weird than I can't help it".

Is this what you guys are teaching your service operators on how to talk when some customer has a doubt on his/her plan Instead of explaining properly and giving a solution to my answers he tells me to figure out by my self !!

Even i am into client servicing from last 5 years and i know how to talk to the clients. This is not the way one is supposed to talk !! And if they cant then better not to put such people wear these shoes.

I hope some action will be taken against this issue/concern.

Airtel Presence

Dear Customer

This is with reference to your post dated 5 January 2017.

We are keen to resolve your concern; however we will require your alternate contact number to resolve it effectively.

We look forward to receive the required details.



airtel presence (airtel Customer service team)

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